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Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development now Available

That's right folks. Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development is now available at This title uses ColdFusion to teach you all about handling Dynamic Development in Dreamweaver. You'll learn how to install ColdFusion (yes, on the mac too), as well as how to install MySQL and get up and running quickly.

While the title is done using ColdFusion, the concepts, steps and overall process will be the same regardless of which server language you're using inside Dreamweaver.

So watch it, have fun, and let me know what you think.

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The hardest thing about learning anything OO related is simply getting over the language barrier. Anytime you talk to an OO afficionado, you always end up hearing a term you don't understand. My biggest problem with learning Model-Glue, Reactor and ColdSpring, three things I really want to start using, is finding out what IOC, AOP, DAO, Beans, Transfer Objects, Gateway Objects, and all of the other terms mean, so that I can actually make it all the way through the documentation. Google searches are alright, but I've never had one spot I could go to find out what it all meant.

To fix that, I put a copy of CanvasWiki, by Ray Camden up at If you have a good definition for a term, please feel free to add it. These will hopefully be edited by the community at large, and we should end up with a good resource for all of that OO language goodness.

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VC Star Article - Front and Center

Dan Short recordingWhile I was in Ojai recording the Dreamweaver 8 Beyond the Basics title for there were some reports from the Ventura County Star writing an article on They wanted to take a few photos of someone doing a recording, and they ended up using a shot of me on the front page of the Business section of their February 15th article. See mom and dad, I really do do real work :). Click the image for a larger version.

Read the article here (requires free registration).

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