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Studio MX Launched

Studio MX has been officially launched. Find out more at I'll be giving some of my own impressions over the next week or two, but right off the bat I'll tell you this version is worth buying if for no other reason than the improved CSS support... nuf said for now.

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The abuse I suffer

Can you believe the kinds of things my dad posts to the blog???

Where oh where is the Dan man tonight?
Why has he left us here all alone?
We've searched the world over and thought that we'd found him,
Shut down a web site and PHHHHHHPT HE IS GONE!
Luv ya,

I assume he's remarking on my lack of posts lately :). It's certainly been a busy one. I lost some clients due to the recent outage I suffered, and I've been hitting book deadlines like mad (damn you, I'll be famous....), and chasing new client work. Finally getting some really good eCommerce work, and I'm really excited about it :).

On top of all that, we gots a new car. Traded in the Saturn, and Kris is now sporting a new silver VW Beetle. Sunroof, CD changer, leather, the whole nine yards. I get to drive it occassionally, and it's certainly a blast. Handles like a sports car, and chicks dig it... I did however get a free 15 GB iPod. Kris got the Beetle, I got da tunes... I still think she came out ahead.

Anywho, now that I've been properly harassed by my father and everyone knows I'm still alive, it's back to the grindstone...

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