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Almost X-mas :)

Just spending the day today wrapping up loose ends and getting ready to head for Seattle. Gonna spend Monday night through Thursday up there with the in-laws, and will be meeting the sis-in-law's boyfriend, so it should be fun.

Got my gifts from Angela over the weekend, and the Precision Pours she sent are awesome. I've already ordered a dozen ;). Thanks ~A :).

Been a little melancholy on all my work lately, just haven't been that motivated, but hopefully a little break from the grind and a nice big party on New Year's will kick me back into gear. I've been seeing a physical therapist to get my back into shape after my odd Thanksgiving back tweak. Hopefully once all that is taken care of I'll have a bit more energy. I'll hopefully be finishing up a Dynamic Image Gallery script I've been tweaking, where you can simply throw a bunch of images in a folder and you have an instant gallery. I promise I'll get it done some day :).

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Little bit o' braggin'

I was the top scorer on the MM certification for the week I took the exam ;). My name will be listed in the annals of history at the Certification Challenge Archives. once it moves off of the main page. We've all gotta have our moment in the sun, no matter how small right?

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Selfish Indulgence

For the longest time I've been considering a dual monitor setup for my system at home. I currently have a 17" LCD, and I've been considering adding a second video card an a 15" LCD to compliment it. Well, I was looking for a 15" LCD at Dell this morning (I have a Dell Dimension, and my monitors must match dontcha know) when I ran across a sweet 18" dual monitor setup. It runs about 2 grand, but my mouse finger is twitching... I'll be reworking that budget for next year, and hopefully Dell will have a post-christmas sale :). I can dream right?

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