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IISAdmin to the Rescue

I've always gone through the trouble of setting up a separate full-blown Windows 2003 Server here in my office for doing development work. The reason being that I didn't want to test on the production server, deal with FTP lags when uploading constantly changed files, and I like to keep my sites clean. I don't like testing in a base wwwroot directory and either setting up tons of subfolders or constantly clearing the wwwroot directory to get a site in the root.

I mentioned IISAdmin a while back, but never actually got it installed and working. Well I wiped my machine yesterday and got rid of a bad Media Center installation and went back to standard XP. I installed IIS and then installed CF5, CFMX 6.1, and CFMX7. I set up a separate site for each, and I can then use IISAdmin to easily switch sites to test in the right server. Awesome little tool, and the perfect price, free

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What Kind of Friend am I?

A slacker kind, that's what... Kim Cavanaugh posted about my book being listed on Amazon waaaay back in August, and I didn't even know... Thanks for the mention Kim, oh, and buy his book too ;)

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Web Design World Boston

If you haven't already, be sure to register for Web Design World Boston. I'll be presenting The ColdFusion Connection: Dynamic Development with Dreamweaver, and my main squeeze will be presenting Dreamweaver 8 Tips and Tricks and Customizing Dreamweaver. Check out the full agenda to see all of the other great speakers.

If you miss Boston next month, you can always catch us again in San Francisco in January.

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