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Took a break

I finally got to have a bit of a break Sunday night, and Kris and I went and saw Jason Mraz. As Kris so deftly put it, "Before we went to the concert I liked Jason Mraz, now I love him." We had an absolutely wonderful time. The show was at the Roseland Theater downtown, a really small venue, without a bad view in the house. The music was loud and fun, and Jason is a fantastic showman.

The show started with Marcus Eaton and the Lobby, a band I never heard before, but that I tapped my foot to the entire time. I ordered their latest CD of course :). Next was Chantal Kreviazuk, who gave a less than inspiring performance. I've never wanted to boo anyone before, but I was close...

Then we finally got to Jason. His voice is so much better in person than his albums let on. He's able to hit operatic style high notes, as well as the gritty blues that just get to ya...

His band did a ton of improv, even bringing a few audience members on stage to grab the mic with them :). Needless to say, I'll be seeing Jason again the next time he's in town. Now if he was only still selling some of his older albums... I heard too many songs I didn't know, but I can't get most of them anymore....

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Exciting things on the horizon

That's right... I've had people actually making me work, which is why there haven't been many posts to the blog lately. Needless to say I'm looking forward to getting a few projects wrapped up and out to the masses.

hehehe... I bet you noticed the new ColdFusion category too :)

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Schneider's Iris Gardens

We went to Schneider's Iris Gardens on the May 10th, 2003, to celebrate Mother's Day with Kris' mom. We spent several hours there looking at all the wonderful flowers. Unfortunately, many of the irises weren't blooming yet, so I got lots of pansy and columbine photos :).

Some of the images are *very* large, many greater than 128k, so some of the large images may load really slow. All of these photos were taken with my Canon S230 Powershot.

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