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What's Dan doing, what's he up to, where's he been and what's he look like? Here ya go:

Online Training and CDs:

I continue to produce CF and web training for Lynda.com, here's a list of all of my training titles.

Book Credits:

Teams and Projects:

I've been a Macromedia Evangelist, a member of Team Macromedia, an Adobe Community Expert, Professional, and am now an Adobe Community Champion.

Short Self-Indulgent Biography:

Daniel ShortDaniel Short never planned to be a web designer; it just happened. He started out in the Army tearing apart computers and eventually began putting together websites.

Dan's been doing the web gig since the end of 1998 and runs a very successful web development company, Web Shorts Site Design. He is also the Lead Developer for Cartweaver, driving the development of future versions of the product.

Dan's primary focus is on dynamic development with both ASP and ColdFusion. He also helps maintain several HTML and Dreamweaver reference sites, including Dreamweaver FAQ. For Dreamweaver FAQ, he created the style changer and all ASP functionality (including the Snippets Exchange and the Dreamweaver FAQ Store).

He has also written articles for several resource sites, such as AListApart.com and the Macromedia Developer Center. Additionally, he's recorded several Dreamweaver-related movie titles for the Lynda.com Learning Library, is a coauthor of Dreamweaver MX Magic 2004, a contributing author to the previous version from New Riders, Dreamweaver MX Bible from Wiley Publishing, and Dreamweaver MX: Advanced ASP Web Development from Glasshaus.