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Wireless Boonies

I've been in Amarillo since Wednesday visiting family for Thanksgiving, and all both of the Starbucks in Amarillo don't have T-Mobile wireless access. Can ya believe it? The noive of some Starbucks. I must say that I was lucky the golf pro shop next door didn't know how to properly secure their wireless router. At least I got to check my email :)

I'll be here until Sunday, and then it's back home to catch up on almost 2 weeks worth of work, what with MAX immediately followed by Thanksgiving with no high speed internet access :). Portland Amarillo most definitely is not :).

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Fine Art from a friend of mine

Just wanted to point a link to a good friend of mine who's site I just completed. Lary McKee Studios is run by (you guessed it) Lary McKee. He's a wonderful realist painter, and I just can't say enough how happy I am to have been able to provide him with a great new venue for his artwork. We actually have the original for Victorian Lady hanging in our living room. Check him out, and buy a print if the mood strikes you ;). They're all hand matted and framed by the artist himself.

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Sneak Peeks

It's sneak peek time, and the floor is full of DW engineers with bee antennae and wings on (Utah is the beehive state after all), and we're about to get a look at some new Macromedia produts in the works.

Dreamweaver Code Editing:
Dreamweaver will now pick up code hints for custom classes defined anywhere in your site, including all of the properites and methods. The sneak was just for .NET but if they go for it will be part of all of the server languages. It's also smart enough to pick up other objects defined on your page. What if you don't know what that function is? Right click and choose Go To Function and it will open the file and put your cursor at the function call.

More on Flex:
Flex will support the W3C industry standard SVG markup language for building images. Christof demonstrated a component in Flash that he reused in Flex to build a slide which could resize an svg file directly inside the browser, all vector based :). Pretty sexy if you do say so myself (even if I didn't understand how SVG works :).He also demo'd some Flex components developed by Beeline with some very amazing charting components.

Codename Brady:
Brady is a new version of Dreamweaver that supports the Flex markup language. You can preview your Flex applications inside Brady without having to hit the server at all. It can even show Actionscript components inside Dreamweaver's/Brady's design view. There is a new panel as well called the Network Monitor which tracks the data going back and forth between Dreamweaver and the server. No more wondering why Brady can't connect to your RDS server. You'll know for certain by checking the Network Monitor panel.

Eclipse integration with Flex from IBM:
I don't know what it is, but it works with Flex :D

Flex + ColdFusion
<cfgrid format="flash" />, how cool is that? You can now get a flash movie out of the CFGRID instead of a JAVA Applet (does require the Flex Server though...). They basically made it possible to turn any group of CF tags into a Flex flash form. I'm still not real hot on everything being flash, for instance turning CFFORMs into a flash form raises my usability alarm. Pretty slick though...

<cfdocument type="pdf" />
Just use the cfdocument tag with Flex to turn your HTML into a pdf. Just change the type attribute and (say it with me) SHAZAM!!! Instant PDF.

Saw a little bit about how to customize FlashPaper output in Flash. FlashPaper also now works on a Mac (not that I own one, but hey, Mac users might read my blog too...).

New Contribute:
Got a demo of the new Contribute (codenamed Kato). They've added a new "Shared Assets" group where you can add code snippets, images, any just about anything else that you need to share among your contribute team. And they have *fianlly* added the ability to limit which users and publish or simply edit (this used to be impossible). The Email Review piece has also been greatly improved, where you can list who should receive your review and the review shows up inisde the reviewer's contribute. You can also chain the review process, adding comments along the way so that you can keep track of who review what. It's all inside contribute now, instead of hiding in everyone's inboxes. They've also added an "Event Tracker" you can access via a web service so that you can see what was changed, when it was changed and who did it. GET OUT THE BLAMETHROWER!!!

Never used it and probably never will, but they've added some interesting new bits, like a whiteboard and a polling app. The only time I've ever used Breeze is as an attendee in a Macromedia presentation, but what I do see looks pretty neat. Breeze is also now extensible so that Flash developers can develop their own Pods using a Breeze Live API.

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