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Beerfest and other things

I know, I've been remiss in my posting recently. Been too busy with client and the oh-so interesting political intrigues of the Dreamweaver Newsgroup. So quite a bit has happened in the last week or three.

First, and most importantly, I went to a beerfest last weekend :). That was some damn tasty stuff. It was $1 a taste, but many of the booths poured a whole glass, so I was pretty happy :). We had an especially tasty beer from Grant's called Mandarin Hefeweizen. It actually had an orange flavor too it and was oh so yummy tasty. Now I just have to find someone that sells it. The local place down the street (hundreds of different brands there) didn't have that particular beer from Grant's, but we tried a few more tasty ones.

Other than beer, we also got to see a great blues band there, as well as catch a few songs from the Cheery Poppin Daddies, some damn good swing music.

I've also been playing a lot lately with It's a system for listening to the tunes on your home machine from anywhere. It is not a file-sharing service though. Makes it easy to listen to all my MP3s at work or anywhere. Pretty darn snazzy.

Also, I've decided to cancel my trip to Las Vegas for TODCON in lieu of some quality time with the missus. Instead we're going to spending some time in Northern California doing nothing but what we want to do. This will be the first real vacation either of us have had that didn't involve some type of family or family obligations. We've been married 7 years and have never had a week just to ourselves. Should be fun :).

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Zeldman has a long and interesting article on XHTML 2.

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Can Flash Validate in XHTML 1.1?

Yep, and even in a table-less layout with multiple flash elements from full navigation to a 300k movie. :-D

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