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ColdFusion Continues to Impress

Mark Driver from Gartner continues to be impressed with ColdFusion:

Here's the bottom line: no other web development toolset available today gives you an equal balance of flexibilility, scalability and out-of-the-box RAD experience for dynamic web applications than ColdFusion. There are plenty that do a better job one of these areas; there are few that do a slightly better job in two out of three; but there are none that match CF in all three areas.

Read the full article: I Continue To Be Impressed With ColdFusion

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New Training - CF9 New Features

I posted a very short note the other day when my ColdFusion 9 New Features title was released, but I figured I should post a more verbose description of the title.

In "ColdFusion 9 New Features" I go through all of the new whiz-bang features in ColdFusion 9. I cover everything from the new AIR-Based Server Manager, to working with ORM and the new Office integration features.

It's nearly 3 hours of ColdFusion 9 New Feature goodness :). You can watch four videos for free! Let me know how you like it.

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ColdFusion 9 New Features

Get 'em while they're hot! The new ColdFusion 9 New Features title at is live!

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