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Given my new obsession with CFFORMs, it was great to see that Mike Nimer has just launched a site called with some awesome Flash and XML style CFFORM tricks and tips. You can submit your own modifications, or take what you need free of charge. I'll definitely be spending some time here as the site grows...

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March Mingle MADNESS!!!

If you're down in the LA/San Diego area, I'm going to be infiltrating the March Mingle on Monday. If you're a Cartweaver'er (or something) just look for me in my fancy Cartweaver shirt and say hello. There are going to be some good giveaways, and there should be a lot of geek-ness going on. You can find out some more details on what's being given away at Angela's blog.

See ya there!

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The annoying focus-stealing CF Debugger

I'm posting this as much for my benefit as anyone else's. Everytime I reinstall CF I forgot how to change this. I love using the dockable CF debugging on my sites. It allows me to have all of my debugging information in a handy little popup window for reference. It's better formatted than the classic version, and I can stick it on my second monitor for reference as I go. However, it steals focus every single time a page loads. So, to disable this, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the dockable.cfm file at C:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\WEB-INF\debug\dockable.cfm
  2. Find this line: win.focus();
  3. Comment it out like so: //win.focus();
  4. Restart the Coldfusion MX Application server

Problem solved! :)

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