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Error when Upgrading to CF9

I finished the installation of our new CF9 license with just one hiccough along the way. I installed CF9 next to CF8 so that we can move clients over to the new CF9 server one at a time and test as we go. After the file installation is finished, CF9 opens the migration wizard to allow you to bring over all of your old CF8 settings. During this process I got the a monstrous cfdump with the following error:

Server Monitoring And API is not available in this edition of ColdFusion server.

A quick Google search didn't return any relevant results, but a quick email to the CF team got a me a link to a Knowledge Base article with the answer. I replaced the two CF8 migration templates with the ones provided from teh article, went back to the CFAdmin, and everything finished without a hitch.

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IE8, ColdFusion, and Color Profiles

We do a massive amount of image processing on Our image processing scripts take uploaded photos from realtors and create multiple versions at different sizes for use throughout our applications. This has been working without a hitch for ages. Unfortunately, IE8 was released...

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