Meet me at cf.Objective()

Today I posted on Twitter that I would need to re-evaluate my friendship with anyone who couldn’t make it to cf.Objective(). But alright alright… I’ll still be your friend, even if you don’t make it to cf.Objective. But you should… I just finished working up my schedule, and I’m once again excited to attend a conference. I’ve been “meaning to attend MAX again” for years, but the last few times I’ve been it’s seemed more a social event, and less an “inspire me to build great things” event. But I still remember hanging out with Jared, Sean, Simeon, and “the rest of the gang” after the first cf.Objective() conference I attended.

After that first cf.Objective() conference is when I first started digging deep into OO development, and when I feel I really started becoming a “programmer” and not just a “developer”. The last few years have been very stagnant for me, since I’ve spent almost all of my time maintaining and attempting to improve or refactor legacy applications. Well it’s time to throw my hat back in the ring and go get some smarts.

So here’s a list of everything I’m currently set to attend at cf.Objective(). If you’re able to make it, please find me and say hello.

At the time that I’m writing this there are still 8 sessions still listed as TBA, so things may change. However, you can already see that there is an extremely diverse range of topics, from unit testing, to JavaScript frameworks, and automated deployment.

Check out the schedule and then register to get your own heavy dose of awesomeness.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Posted by Daniel Short on Mar 15, 2011 at 3:33 PM | Categories: ColdFusion -