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AjaxOnLoad and cfhtmlhead

I had an odd issue today where I was using AjaxOnLoad to run a javascript, and I was getting an error that the function was not defined. The function and the ColdFusion.Event.registerOnLoad even were both getting added to the page. I could create an anchor tag on the page with an onclick and it would run the code fine, so I was perplexed as to why it was telling me that the function wasn't defined. See if you can spot the problem. Turns out that CF is simply adding content to the head of the document as you call the CF code. This means that with the above code snippet, the registerOnLoad script was getting called before the other function in the code. Changing my CF to this fixed the issue: I'm not used to thinking that hard about where I stick my cfhtmlhead tags. Guess I better pay closer attention next time.
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