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Dvorak, you dog you...

This is my first post to the blog using the Dvorak keyboard layout and so far it's pretty darn painful. My fingers are too familiar with their old home keys and they keep wanting to go back there. However I can already see the benefit of using this layout. I rarely have to take my fingers off of the home keys. So, now that I'm sweating from typing this short post, It's back to the typing tutor for me :).

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Netscape 8 Released

Well it looks like AOL has finally dropped a new Netscape. Thankfully, this one is based off of Firefox 1.0, so it should render great and be pretty stable. I haven't downloaded it yet, so if you've played with it or know of any known issues not currently in their release notes, let me know how it goes.

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I've been playing around with the XSL forms in Coldfusion MX 7 and ran into a bug yesterday. If I have a multiple select, then the XSL style sheets don't properly mark each selected value as such. Let's say I have this code:

	label="Assigned Phases: " 

I would expect CF to spit out a select menu with all of the values retrned by #Book.getPhaseIDs()# selected. Unfortunately, nothing gets selected. I found this code in _formelements.xsl:

With that code, if I pass multple values, nothing will ever get selected, since $selectedValues contains a comma delimted list of values (2,6,10 will never match 2 [the current ID]). So I hit up the Coldfusion TMMs for some help, and S. Isaac Dealey of FusionTap came back with this fix:

That code tacks a comma at the beginning and end of the list of selected values, and then uses contains to find out if the list contains the string ",2," instead of just "2".

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