Selfish Indulgence

For the longest time I've been considering a dual monitor setup for my system at home. I currently have a 17" LCD, and I've been considering adding a second video card an a 15" LCD to compliment it. Well, I was looking for a 15" LCD at Dell this morning (I have a Dell Dimension, and my monitors must match dontcha know) when I ran across a sweet 18" dual monitor setup. It runs about 2 grand, but my mouse finger is twitching... I'll be reworking that budget for next year, and hopefully Dell will have a post-christmas sale :). I can dream right?

Posted by Daniel Short on Dec 12, 2002 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -



Danilo wrote on 12/13/02 10:02 PM

Why do I keep hearing the Wrigley's gum commercial over and over in my head? "Double your pleasure"
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/13/02 10:02 PM

hehehe... how about quadruplets.

Brad wrote on 12/22/02 10:18 PM

I run dual monitors with my GF 4. When I first set up dual monitors over two years ago I had an old compaq with onboard video and all I did was add in a pci video card and that was it. I don't know if you are using a mac or linux or even windows but it is very easy to do and once you have dual monitors you can never go back to a single. I hate working on my laptop because of it.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/22/02 10:18 PM

Yeah, I'm sure I won't have any issues setting it up, I'm on Win2k. The issue is cash and what my wife will want in trade ;). BTW, saw the link to the 9xMedia monitors on your blog... not nice posting that right before Christmas...