Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development now Available

That's right folks. Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development is now available at lynda.com. This title uses ColdFusion to teach you all about handling Dynamic Development in Dreamweaver. You'll learn how to install ColdFusion (yes, on the mac too), as well as how to install MySQL and get up and running quickly.

While the title is done using ColdFusion, the concepts, steps and overall process will be the same regardless of which server language you're using inside Dreamweaver.

So watch it, have fun, and let me know what you think.

Posted by Daniel Short on Feb 24, 2006 at 12:00 AM | Categories: ColdFusion - Dreamweaver - VBScript -



Anonymous wrote on 02/25/06 7:55 AM

I just bought a subscription to the lynda.com website, and your tittle is what interests me the most. I just saw the first three videos, and they were great. I am looking foward to learning dynaic development and creating a site like this.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/25/06 7:55 AM

Thanks :)

hugo wrote on 03/02/06 9:19 AM

Great job on your work with Lynda.com. I am migrating to Cold Fusion. Can you suggest some Cold fusion Web Hosting Companies that are good and well priced?
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 03/02/06 9:19 AM

Thanks for the compliment :). I've hosted (my own server) with Chicagowebs for ages. I've also heard great things about CrystalTech though I've never used them myself.

Mike wrote on 03/02/06 9:59 AM

I love the Lynda.com Dynamic Development videos using ColdFusion with Dreamweaver 8. This is my first experience with developing a site that is database driven and so your pace is a little fast for me at present. However, the concepts are very clear and I love the fact that ColdFusion seems so much like HTML and unlike the more cryptic PHP stuff that I have experimented with. Thanks so much for putting this series together! I'm trying to settle on a platform that will be around for the long-term and wonder if the seemingly ubiquitous asp.net will be incorporated more into Dreamweaver. Any thoughts about this? Thanks Dan! Mike Jarvis
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 03/02/06 9:59 AM

Thanks for the compliments :). I personally don't like .NET for a variety of reasons, most of them related to front-end display. .NET is a desktop development language that's been shoe-horned onto the web, and for that reason has a lot of issues with how it handles the state-less environment of the web. Huge viewstates (slows download), IE specific effects and filters, poorly generated default HTML, bad form handling (you can only have one form, and most form navigation is handled via form post instead of querystrings). I could go on and on, but I won't :). My advice, stick with CF. It's easy to learn, quick to develop with, and just plain fun. Dan
Leif Wikfeldt

Leif Wikfeldt wrote on 03/06/06 4:01 AM

I really like the Dymanic DW8 course. One thing I wonder if why you don't place the Teacloud site in its own dairectory under wwwroot but instead directly under wwwroot. I try the first apporach and am having some problems with SSI (but them i'm pretty new to this stuff. Thanks!
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 03/06/06 4:01 AM

Hi Leif, First off, thanks for the compliment :). As for why I develop at the root of my site, that's because I feel it's important to develop locally just as you would on a server. Your local environment should match (as closely as possible) the final destination of your application. Now if you're using IIS on WinXP Pro, that can be a bit of a problem, since the MMC only allows you to create one site. However, you can use IISAdmin in order to create multiple sites on your local machine, which lets you mimic your actual server setup. Hope that helps, Dan

Susan wrote on 03/07/06 6:21 AM

Question: I am watching the training. I am Hobby /Student level user, but would like interactive data pages to use eventually as a sevice for tracking reviews. Would I be shorting myself to use Macromedia Coldfusion 5 software technology (ebay copy)? Or would it be best to the most current Coldfusion. Thank you.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 03/07/06 6:21 AM

You'd be *far* better off using MX, either 6, or preferably 7. However, if you're just developing locally and not running your own server, then there's no reason to buy a copy of CF. You can use the development version for free, and CF hosting isn't terribly expensive anymore.

Anthony wrote on 04/04/06 2:13 AM

Hey Dan, just a quick question. Out of all the languages ASP, PHP, Coldfusion etc, which one do you think is the best? Like, does each one do different things? Or do they all do the same thing just in different ways and some better than others? What's your opinion Dan?
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/04/06 2:13 AM

They all do pretty much the same thing, with different methods and syntax. I personally prefer ColdFusion, thought I've developed with ASP for years. CF is just faster to develop with (and I can't stand PHP syntax). So the only thing I can suggest is get the basic principles down, and look at syntax to find out which one suits you best. Dan
Gary Neville

Gary Neville wrote on 05/16/06 9:18 PM

Hi Dan just a post to say thanks, I got your 8 Dynamic Development videos from Lynda, and their amazing. I?m at university in England studying advertising design and last semester made the crudest web site but it got me interested in web design, and really getting into it now I?ve seen your videos. I've got to say mate I did ICT at school and I think I?ve learnt more in the last two hours then I did in a year lol. Keep up the good work, and I always hail you the demigod of web design. Gaz
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 05/16/06 9:18 PM

Thanks Gary :), that's great to hear :).

Dee wrote on 06/05/06 11:02 AM

I just simply love everything about dreamweaver and I have met lynda too. I built my last website with dreamweaver. Can't wait to learn about Cold Fusion. dee http://petseverlasting.com
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/05/06 11:02 AM

Glad you're enjoying the titles :).

erik wrote on 06/05/06 11:09 AM

Hi Dan, I am having problem with CF 7.0.1. Is it gonna be OK if I go along with Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Developmet on CF 6.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/05/06 11:09 AM

Yep, you should be just fine...
Chris Goodiel

Chris Goodiel wrote on 06/06/06 10:25 AM

Dan, just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial. I am just starting it and you explain things very well(for the most part- I am on a mac so this will explain that comment). I am in the database section specifically under Defining relationships, and I ran into a wall on the mac/navicat side. Access looks really nice and I love the graphical representation of the table and relationships. Navicat with the foreign keys and triggers sorta has me boggled. Specifically since I have no database experience whatsoever before this tutorial. I am either looking for some different software that is easier for such a noob like me or some resource that would further help me understand how to set up the relationships. Thanks for your time, Chris
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/06/06 10:26 AM

You're quite welcome Chris. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about MySQL tools on the Mac. you might give CocoaMySQL a try, but I'm not the one to speek to development tools in that environment...
Changcai Pei

Changcai Pei wrote on 11/15/06 3:00 AM

Hi,dan! This comment is from China:)I just have seen your video-training of dreamweaver 8 dynamic development on Lynda.com and I got so much! Now I want to say thanks for your best work.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 11/15/06 3:00 AM

Thanks :)
Michael Lowe

Michael Lowe wrote on 04/17/07 1:48 PM

Hi this is Michael Lowe from the Isle of Mull in Scotland UK, I just bought your title dreamweaver 8 dynamic development, it's great, i also have your other title for the dreamweaver MX, both titles i bought from amazon.co.uk are fantastic, you're style of teaching is amazing and someday i hope to be professional like you, when i do you, i'll let everyone know you taught me and recommend you to everyone, i've added my website in the field above although i think my sites rubbish you may think differently, i somehow always doubt my work, many thanks for teaching me. Take care, Your fan Michael Lowe
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/17/07 1:48 PM

You're quite welcome Michael. I'm glad you've found the content useful, and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to produce more :)