Show in Finder in Eclipse

It’s horribly annoying trying to find a file on your file system when it’s buried folders deep in your project, on who knows which hard drive. In an effort to make this easier I scoured the interwebs for you, and found a solution on StackOverflow.

Since ColdFusion Builder is Eclipsed based, this solution works for it as well. From CFBuilder, choose Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration. Once there, right-click on Programs and choose New. Complete the dialog as shown below:

External Tools Configuration

  • Location: /usr/bin/open
  • Arguments: ${container_loc}

After completing the fields, click Apply, and then Run to run it for the first time.

Now you can choose a file from the Project Navigator, click the Run Tools icon, and choose Show in Finder.

Run Show in Finder

No more hunting through Finder windows for that illusive CSS file.

Posted by Daniel Short on Dec 8, 2010 at 9:28 PM | Categories: ColdFusion -


Fraser Crosbie

Fraser Crosbie wrote on 12/08/10 11:34 PM

Thanks Dan! Great find. I followed your example and added this to Flash Builder, but I encountered an issue with spaces in my folder names. To fix I added quotes around the argument like this "${container_loc}". Works like a charm!
Dan G. Switzer, II

Dan G. Switzer, II wrote on 12/09/10 3:05 PM

Assuming your files are in the project themselves, try the "Open Resource" dialog (default key binding is CTRL+SHIFT+R in Windows.) It's like Finder, but integrated into Eclipse. I almost always open templates this way in Eclipse--I rarely use the Navigator view.
Rich Rodecker

Rich Rodecker wrote on 12/09/10 9:29 PM

Install the Path Tools does this and a lot more. Very useful.
Josh Bodily

Josh Bodily wrote on 11/27/12 1:37 PM

Excellent post, very helpful tip. That drove me crazy that it did not appear in the "Show In..." in the context menu. This is a good workaround for that. Is there a way to add Run Tools to context menu?