She said yes

That's right. A big fat yes to go with the big fat ring...


Posted by Daniel Short on Sep 11, 2008 at 10:19 PM | Categories: Rambling -



Dad wrote on 09/12/08 5:52 AM

Mom and I couldn't be happier with the EXXXXXXXXXXXCCELENTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!! choice that you made! You picked one special woman there kiddo! Luv Ya!!!

AJ wrote on 09/12/08 7:47 AM

WOW! Congrats!!! It's about did I say that? ;)
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 09/12/08 7:53 AM

Thanks, but don't tell her that. It'll go to her head :)
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 09/12/08 7:54 AM

If you did say that, you wouldn't be the first :). Thanks.
Aaron Longnion

Aaron Longnion wrote on 09/12/08 8:01 AM

I'm so happy for you two! It's a beautiful thing, and I wish you all the best!
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 09/12/08 8:45 AM

Thanks Aaron, see you at work on Monday :).

Monetta wrote on 09/12/08 1:37 PM

Wow is right, congratulations. I am sooo happy for you both. And it is beautiful ... great job Dan. Hugs to you both.
Jason Martin

Jason Martin wrote on 09/13/08 3:25 PM

So when is the big date?