Mat Previews Working

The mat previews at Lary McKee Studios are working, so check it out and buy something for cryin' out loud :).

Thanks to ~Angela for a hand with the javascript.

Posted by Daniel Short on Dec 10, 2003 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling - VBScript -



Jeff wrote on 12/11/03 1:40 PM

nice job. when does my consulting check for giving you the idea come? ;-) FWIW, my wife loves his art, so we may well be buying one...
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/11/03 1:40 PM

Am I gonna have to pull out my emails and check file dates to prove I thought of it first ;). And yes, the artwork is gorgeous. We bought the original of Victorian Lady and have it hanging in our living room... Simply couldn't do without it once we saw it up close and personal. That's been the problem with selling artwork online... giving people a good enough look at the artwork to get them to buy. I'm glad to hear you're considering spending a little money there. You certainly won't regret it :)