Fleetwood Mac in concert

Went to see Fleetwood Mac in concert last night, and damn they was tasty... I never realized how good a guitar player Lindsey Buckingham really is, and Stevie's still got it man. But Mick Fleetwood really stole the show for me. I'm a huge percussion fan anyway, and damn that guy can play... My hands are a little sore today from slapping on chairs, legs, you name it. It was so loud it was like getting an aural massage.... so worth the money for the tickets. I'm still speechless honestly.

Posted by Daniel Short on Jul 26, 2003 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -



Danilo wrote on 07/29/03 9:15 PM

Better sounding than the Bang Olufsen headphones? I agree, Mick Fleetwood is an incredible drummer. I actually didn't appreciate him until after I saw Fleetwood Mac in a concert video that was on some show like Story Tellers. Simply amazing watching him hit those skins.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 07/29/03 9:15 PM

Yeah, way better :). And definitely Mick is so much more in concert. You can tell he really really loves what he's doing.