CFDUMPing the Variables scope

Don't ask me why I never tried this before... I've always just done a <cfoutput>#myVar#</cfoutput> when I needed to find out what a local variable value was. This often meant scattering them all over my page to figure out what piece of code I got wrong... I finally decided I'd just try dumping the local variable scope, and wallah voila! I get a full dump of every local variable on the page, including queries, available functions, the whole bit. I don't know why I never tried that before...

<cfdump var="#Variables#" label="Local Variables" />
Posted by Daniel Short on Feb 16, 2006 at 12:00 AM | Categories: ColdFusion - Dreamweaver -



Jay wrote on 02/20/06 4:17 PM

wallah ??? I think you mean "voila". The expression which means ?behold!? is voila. It comes from a French expression literally meaning ?look there!? In French it is spelled with a grave accent over the A, as voilĂ , but when it was adopted into English, it lost its accent. Such barbarous misspellings as ?vwala? are even worse, caused by the reluctance of English speakers to believe that OI can represent the sound ?wah,? as it usually does in French.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/20/06 4:17 PM

lol... consider me edumacated :). Thanks for that (post updated accordingly :).