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A change in management...

Well I spent the last few days converting my blog from Blogger to my own server (nothing against blogger, but I'm a bright guy, and I can do it on my own :). So it's now all database driven with ASP VBScript. I got to play with datashaping more (the blog headers, contents and the accompanying comments are all shaped) and got to play with some advanced SQL to get my archive weeks worked out. Everything is also served from this one page now, including the permalinks.

Along with the revision I added the ability to add comments to entries. They're reviewed by me before posting, but feel free to add. I get an email confirmation so I can check up on them constantly.

Now I just have to build a management interface for the whole thing and I'll be done. This was all built inside Dreamweaver MX, although a lot of it is hand coded. This little app might eventually turn into something redistributable, but it will require some more advanced error handling, and a new less "programmer-like" admin interface :).

If anyone is interested in an app like this (so I know if it's worth my time), let me know by adding a comment or dropping me an email.

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And peace reigned once more...

Thank the all-mighty newsgroup gods that school has finally started again. The Macromedia Newsgroups become a mad house every summer as kids are out of school and loitering in the newsgroups causing mischeif. It happens every summer, and it seems only the regulars think it will ever end. Each summer means more regulars though, so hopefully it will get to a point where the people who know what's going on will outnumber the summer hooligans.

There's always hope right?

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Cartweaver ASP?

Dat's right peoples, I'm currently working on an ASP conversion of Cartweaver, in cooperation with Lawrence Cramer. It should be ready sometime in the first quarter of 2003 and will be sold alongside the CF version from the DWfaq Store. We're not sure yet on the release date, as new features are being worked into the product at the same time. But it will definitely be the same Cartweaver quality, just in an ASP flava (I always wanted to say flava...)

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