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Personal Stuff

Personal Stuff

Spent the weekend in Seattle, and boy am I glad to be back. Dealing with all things in-law is emotionally draining, considering the combativeness of the entire family. But another weekend is gone, and Kris' brother is now settled in a new apartment (his living room is larger than his entire old apartment. Feels good to know he's better off, and that he actually appreciates the help Kris and I give him.

Being in Seattle, how on Earth could we come home without visiting Ikea :). We bought a new entertainment center, a new coffee table and some lamps and such. Now we just have to find someone to buy our old one.

Since I'm using this site to communicate with my family as well, I'll try to start specifying what is what (so my Aunts aren't wondering what XHTML is and my colleagues who don't care to know about my in-laws can skip it ;).

All things work...

On the work front, I've been dealing more and more with DataShaping (see links in the post on the 16th) and am liking it more and more. I've been running a bunch of ideas through my head, mostly to do with off-the-shelf CMS systems. Would be nice to put together a "web site in a box" type of product, where you complete a template type file (via includes or a completely separate file) and then just upload everything and you're good to go.

I'm also getting geared up to go to Chicago in September. Gotta buy my plane tickets and get my content together for my presentations. Hopefully there will be rum and cookies (hint hint all you Shorties...).

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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That's right, say it with me now... datashaping.

Many thanks go to Kindler Chase for putting me onto this wonderful technology. Datashaping is a function of Microsoft's latest ADO components. It allows you to easily nest information (think nested repeat region). This allows you to present tons of complex information easily.

And instead of trying to teach it all to you here in the blog, here's the list of links that Kindler sent me.

And to get UD or MX (I'd imagine) to work with datashaping, read the datashaping tut:
T-Cubed (nested repeat region using data shaping)

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Netscape, blech...

Well, I made it look better in Netscape 4.x, but not by much :). Mostly I just had to change div#layername to #layername in my style sheet. Netscape 4 wasn't liking the tag reference in there.

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