Wireless Boonies

I've been in Amarillo since Wednesday visiting family for Thanksgiving, and all both of the Starbucks in Amarillo don't have T-Mobile wireless access. Can ya believe it? The noive of some Starbucks. I must say that I was lucky the golf pro shop next door didn't know how to properly secure their wireless router. At least I got to check my email :)

I'll be here until Sunday, and then it's back home to catch up on almost 2 weeks worth of work, what with MAX immediately followed by Thanksgiving with no high speed internet access :). Portland Amarillo most definitely is not :).

Posted by Daniel Short on Nov 28, 2003 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -



brenda wrote on 12/01/03 9:41 AM

What did you expect? You know that we are behind the times out here in the boonies!! Just glad you did find a place to check that important e-mail! It was great to see ya, wish Kris could have come and ya'll have fun shopping. I did say Ya'll! That means you get to go with!! Enjoy!!
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/01/03 9:41 AM

Hopefully I'll be rich and famous by next year and we can afford to both come down :)

Dad wrote on 12/02/03 3:56 AM

Hi Dan, Had a great time seeing you. Wish Kris could have made it. Do we need to call and let her know about the bucks we gave you TWO? Be sure and share like a good boy!Ha Ha! How is she feeling now? Hope she is better. I know it sucks to be sick. Especially holidays. Just wanted to say Hi and that we had a good time. Luv ya, Dad and Mom
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/02/03 3:56 AM

She's getting better, and the CASH IS ALL MINE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Brian Meloche

Brian Meloche wrote on 12/08/03 1:19 AM

Dan, SLC Starbucks didn't have wireless either. I checked the day after MAX was over.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/08/03 1:19 AM

What on earth were they thinking??? Luckily there was wireless all over MAX, and the hotel I stayed at had it as well. I didn't go through withdrawals there :)

J.K. wrote on 12/08/03 12:23 PM

Starbucks? I've heard about those, but we don't have any here. They tried to build one down around Pass Manchac once, but it sank back into the swamp. :/ We don't have Mobile-T either or whatever that is. Maybe we should try sonar.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/08/03 12:23 PM

You could always use a couple cans and some string :)