The Oddest ColdFusion Comment Ever

I never thought I'd evern actually type this into ColdFusion Comment:

<!--- Check to see if they're human --->

I just bought the Captcha component from Alagad which allows you to show one of those fancy images that machines can't read so you can verify that the "person" submiting your form is indeed an air-breather. Definitely worth the money so far.

Posted by Daniel Short on Jan 9, 2006 at 12:00 AM | Categories: ColdFusion - Dreamweaver -


Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer wrote on 01/09/06 11:11 AM

Looks good, as long as you never want a blind person to be able to submit the form.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 01/09/06 11:11 AM

Yes, the Captcha by itself is completely inaccessible (by it's nature it *must* be inaccessible to stop automated submission). There are ways around it that I'm working on so that people with less than perfect vision can use it. I won't leave them high and dry :).

CB wrote on 01/09/06 11:12 AM

Your comment should read "Make sure they're human and not blind"
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 01/09/06 11:12 AM

Yep, I have plans for that :). Dan
Doug Hughes

Doug Hughes wrote on 01/09/06 1:49 PM

Dan - First off, thanks for purchasing the Captcha component! It's people like you who keep my family fed. Thanks! Beyond that, I've been considering ways to do an auditory captcha component. Obviously, that wouldn't solve the problem if your audience is blind and deaf, but either/or could get though. Anyhow, I welcome any feedback than anyone wants to offer. Doug Hughes -
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 01/09/06 1:49 PM

Good to hear Doug, so far I'm likin' it. Very easy to use and get running.
Jeff Wilkinson

Jeff Wilkinson wrote on 02/10/06 3:07 PM

do you know of any good Captcha code for classic ASP? Some moron is dumping ~20 spams/day in the guestbooks of a couple of sites I manage.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/10/06 3:07 PM

Sorry Jeff. I don't do much new ASP development any more, so I'm not sure of any asp Captcha components.
Peter J. Farrell

Peter J. Farrell wrote on 04/11/06 11:50 PM

Jeff, You might take a peek at the CAPTCHA entry at wikipedia - they list a lot of CAPTCHAs for different languages. I release a new open source CAPTCHA called LylaCAPTCHA for ColdFusion today at lyla dot maestropublishing dot com or click my name above to go there.