Fine Art from a friend of mine

Just wanted to point a link to a good friend of mine who's site I just completed. Lary McKee Studios is run by (you guessed it) Lary McKee. He's a wonderful realist painter, and I just can't say enough how happy I am to have been able to provide him with a great new venue for his artwork. We actually have the original for Victorian Lady hanging in our living room. Check him out, and buy a print if the mood strikes you ;). They're all hand matted and framed by the artist himself.

Posted by Daniel Short on Nov 24, 2003 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling - VBScript -



Brenda wrote on 11/25/03 7:00 AM

Wow, they are beautiful!! Who knew with your genes that you could have such good taste!! Guess Kris had some influence right? Just a chance to get a jab in at your dad. The artwork is exceptionally beautiful. See ya tomorrow. Keepin you all in my thoughts as you travel. Love ya!
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 11/25/03 7:00 AM

Don't worry, I'll help you get a jab or two in tomorrow ;)

Jeff wrote on 12/02/03 10:51 AM

nice site design and beautiful artwork. very clean looking but with mostly all the necessary details included. (see mat note below, also didn't see shipping details until checkout, slap your wrist please ;-) one bug, the giftvouchers page is showing up without most of the colors (at least in mozilla it is) The one thing I'd really like for selection is info on the mat colors. Since you can select different mat colors, you could use a page that shows what those colors are. Extra credit would be a way to see the current picture with the inner and outer mat colors as you pick them... Lastly I like how the contact info defaults to Country=Afghanistan... do you get a lot of orders from there? ;-) Now I have to go show my wife this site... she love this style of floral art, I might be due to get her something here for Christmas.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/02/03 10:51 AM

Thanks :) Got the gift vouchers fixed, and a mat color preview is in the works, so you can choose the mat colors you want and preview them right there. Fun stuff maynard :). I already have a demo of it done :). Just gotta hook it up to my database now.

Jeff wrote on 12/10/03 4:01 PM

so... when's that nice matting demo going to make it onto the site?
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 12/10/03 4:01 PM

Hopefully tonight. Got all the mat colors scanned in, just have to get the colors together in the db, and add the links :)