Fahrenheit 451

I finished Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury yesterday, and given the fact that the book was printed in 1953, I have to wonder if Ray Bradbury really could see the future. His vision of the homogenzation of society was even scarier given the fact that he wrote about it more than half a century ago. The idea of every group (and he mentions them as minorities) getting offended by one thing or another, and removing that item/word/idea that's offenstive, until we eventually have nothing but a plain vanilla world, devoid of any real meaning or independent thought. Just gave me the chills :D

It was also great to have such a poignant book done in less than a day, considering the story itself was only 170 pages. But one of the best parts of the book is a rant at the end of the book written by Bradbury. Now my publishers might not want to hear this, but Bradbury's rant was about editors, and the editing process, and how a wonderful idea can be put through the publishing machinery and come out as something completely different on the other side. Was just great to hear the same frustrations from someone of Bradbury's stature...

Anyway, I'm off to Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. I've read Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash and The Diamond Age, as well as In the Beginning...was the Command Line (thanks Danilo), and Quicksilver is a complete departure, being based in the 1700s. However, I'm not even through the first 200 pages and he's already dealing with the beinnings of computer language through the Royal Society. Should be a fun journey :).

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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freaksauce wrote on 06/01/04 11:12 PM

Did you get the Ltd edition volume which is hand bound in Japanese silk!? check it out over at my bro's site - http://www.bigdumbobject.co.uk/archives/000101.html
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/01/04 11:12 PM

Damn... I got the normal old hardcover edition :)

Danilo wrote on 06/02/04 9:26 AM

Hope you enjoyed it, Figured you being a Windows man, that you'd be needing a command line book. ;-) PS: Sounds like you'll have plenty of time to be reading since you have no boss anymore. Good Luck.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/02/04 9:26 AM

Yeah, the book was a little dated (written just as Windows NT was released) but it was definitely an interesting read.

Laurie wrote on 06/02/04 12:23 PM

Ah....I see you've adjusted to working at home quite well. :-)
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/02/04 12:23 PM

lol... just taking a few days to decompress, then I'll start working again, really I will...

Dad wrote on 06/04/04 8:01 AM

Maybe you should highlite that SLACKER word at the top of the page. You only need to decompress if you have been deep under the ocean. NOW GET BACK TO WORK OR I WILL SPEND ALL $48.81 OF YOUR INHERITANCE!!! Luv ya, The DAD
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/04/04 8:01 AM

<voice style="low">You wouldn't dare....</voice>. I mean, by the time I'm old enough to get my inheritance, even with me seniors discount, I'll barely be able to buy dinner with only 50 bucks... the noive...
Austin Website Design

Austin Website Design wrote on 06/18/04 10:23 PM

What is scary is the filter that gets passed off as normal news. All stations have slants.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 06/18/04 10:23 PM

That's one of the main reasons I don't watch the news, after all, none of it is *really* the truth.
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Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 08/13/04 12:19 PM

Keep me updated. I'm all for designer laptop cases :)
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laptop case wrote on 08/13/04 12:20 PM

I think there is going to be a backlash against the homogenzation of society very soon. Enough is enough.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 08/13/04 12:20 PM

It's too early/late/soon/never for me to thing that hard...