Thanks to Eric Meyer for a link to a LiveJounral entry by Brad Chin. I've never been good with words when it comes to my own personal life/emotion. I can explain the workings of a database, SQL or the latest ColdFusion widget in glowing terms, but ask how I'm feeling today or what I think about the effects of an event on my own life, and words leave me. Brad says very well how I like to live my life...

"It must be accepted that it is impossible to undo a wrong. All one can do, all we can do, is positively influence a person, or a group, in effect putting in balance both good and evil."

It's always nice to have your own personal outlook on life validated by someone with the same views... if only I had the skills to put things so eloquently.

Posted by Daniel Short on Mar 25, 2004 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -


Brad Chin

Brad Chin wrote on 05/19/04 4:39 AM

Thanks for the nod, and I'm glad you've enjoyed my thought piece. Sorry it took so long to find you, but I thought nevertheless, that I'd express my gratification.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 05/19/04 4:39 AM

Thanks Brad :)