Beerfest and other things

I know, I've been remiss in my posting recently. Been too busy with client and the oh-so interesting political intrigues of the Dreamweaver Newsgroup. So quite a bit has happened in the last week or three.

First, and most importantly, I went to a beerfest last weekend :). That was some damn tasty stuff. It was $1 a taste, but many of the booths poured a whole glass, so I was pretty happy :). We had an especially tasty beer from Grant's called Mandarin Hefeweizen. It actually had an orange flavor too it and was oh so yummy tasty. Now I just have to find someone that sells it. The local place down the street (hundreds of different brands there) didn't have that particular beer from Grant's, but we tried a few more tasty ones.

Other than beer, we also got to see a great blues band there, as well as catch a few songs from the Cheery Poppin Daddies, some damn good swing music.

I've also been playing a lot lately with It's a system for listening to the tunes on your home machine from anywhere. It is not a file-sharing service though. Makes it easy to listen to all my MP3s at work or anywhere. Pretty darn snazzy.

Also, I've decided to cancel my trip to Las Vegas for TODCON in lieu of some quality time with the missus. Instead we're going to spending some time in Northern California doing nothing but what we want to do. This will be the first real vacation either of us have had that didn't involve some type of family or family obligations. We've been married 7 years and have never had a week just to ourselves. Should be fun :).

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Danilo wrote on 04/25/03 11:41 AM

Either you need a spell check, Dan, or you are still living through the effects of the beerfest. :-) The program is pretty interesting, I may just look into it further, especially since it has a web service component to it.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/25/03 11:41 AM

I have a spell check, but if I used it you wouldn't have anything to harass me about :)

Danilo wrote on 04/25/03 11:48 AM

Hmmm, yeah, you're right, *nothing* else to harrass you about. Can you say m-bop? FYI the link to your playlist is down. PS: maybe you want to warn those of us that use a good browser that your link to your muse list only works in IE6.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/25/03 11:48 AM

Hey, you can't talk to me like that :). The regular muse client will work with "good browsers". The muse7800 bit will only work with high tech stuff.

Jay wrote on 04/25/03 12:28 PM

Way to go Dan! I dare you not to take your laptop to N. CA.
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/25/03 12:28 PM

Don't even suggest such a thing. I have to deal with a slow dialup as it is :)

~Angela wrote on 04/25/03 2:37 PM

TODCON won't be the same without you, y'know? I was even gonna bake your favorite cookies, but nooooooo...;-)
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/25/03 2:37 PM

I'll just have to get them from you some other time :)

Joel wrote on 04/28/03 7:53 AM

You know, talking about music sites ... I've been really impressed with recently. You log in with your yahoo id and start watching and rating videos. After a day or two, it starts to know what you like. by now, all it plays is punk and ska for me :-D
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 04/28/03 7:53 AM

I'll have to check that out. I've found lots of good tunes at as well.

Dad wrote on 05/05/03 10:22 AM

Hey Dan, Mom and I could meet ya'll up there. Just send us the dates. Whatever it takes to be with family, ya know? We're not sure your old enough to be by yourself on vacation just doing what you want to do. You could get in trouble without us there. You might eat raw fish or something. Luv ya, DAD
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 05/05/03 10:23 AM

Um... no really... that's alright :). I promise to have Sushi only 3 times while we're there :). As far as seeing family, I'm figuring out arrangements for this Thanksgiving/Christmas, and Texas/Arkansas is definitely on the list :)