Another facelift...

That's right, I shuffled things around some more. Why? Why not?! It's my blog after all ;)

One thing that you'll notice right off is that you're stuck with my gorgeous yellow (though I did tone it down a bit). Why? IE6's atrocious support for alpha transparency in PNG files. Why does this affect me? I'm not willing to do CSS hacks or server side switching to replace my nav images. Even if I use transparent gifs for the headers and nav images, switching the background to a nice cool purple leaves small yellow artifacts around my snazzy anti-aliased text.

When will the style switcher be back? Either a) a new version of IE comes out that supports full png alpha transparency or b) I get bored enough to revert to the methods I just said I wouldn't revert to.

And now you know... the reeeeest of the storey...

Posted by Daniel Short on Feb 13, 2003 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -



Jeff wrote on 02/14/03 7:41 AM

NOOooooooo..... Not the yellow... (long scream fading out into the distance, loud thump of a body) Tell me, were you the original designer of Window 3's Hotdog stand color scheme? The yellow is making my eyes bleed. ;-) Sudden realization: Is the yellow theme your favorite in some way because of the name of your blog? I.E. Is that the color of "Dan's shorts?" ;-)
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/14/03 7:41 AM

I've always liked yellow (and red) and the fact that it makes people squint a bit is an added bonus ;). Oh, and Dan don't wear no shorts...

Laurie wrote on 02/14/03 10:03 PM

Oh man, say it isn't so...anything but the YELLOW!! Need I remind you that you are color blind and should rely on those of us who aren't colorblind when you need to make color choices? Sigh.... Kids these days. :-D And another thing..<snip> Dan don't wear no shorts...</snip> Waaaaayyyy too much info! ;-D
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/14/03 10:03 PM

Oh sure... ruuuuuuuub it in. You won't be getting any drinks from me at TODCON missy... ;-)

Danilo wrote on 02/15/03 7:20 AM

At first I thought the little links at the top under the logo were going to go to filter your blog to talk about HTML or CSS, but alas, they were validating pages. I'd suggest maybe adding a webding checkmark (lower case a). I wonder how supported webdings are. BTW, I take it you don't worry about warnings in your CSS?
Daniel Short

Daniel Short wrote on 02/15/03 7:20 AM

I'll have to think about a checkmark in there (not sure if mini 7 has one). As far as warnings on css goes, they're always just about "you don't have a background color for this color, blah blah blah". You can ditch the warning by specifying background-color: transaprent; but that's the default behavior anyhow, so it's really unnecessary.