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Firefox + iTunes = FoxyTunes

I love me some iTunes... I listen to it all day, and have a hard time getting any meaningful work done if I don't have some tuneage (just watch the Now Playing list to the left). But the media controls on my keyboard don't always control iTunes the way I want it to unless iTunes is in mini mode, which also means that I can't minimize it so it's not in my taskbar.

I was cruising the internet today and found FoxyTunes. FoxyTunes allows you to control almost any media player directly from FireFox's status bar. Well, I just happen to have FireFox open all day, ever day, JUST LIKE iTunes! Seeing a connection here? I downloaded the extension, installed it, and bam, it worked perfectly on the first try. I'm loving FireFox more and more every day...

4 comments | Posted by Daniel Short on May 3, 2005 at 12:00 AM | Categories: Rambling -