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Musical Splurge

Had some time to burn at the local Fred Meyer, so as usual I did a bit of a musical slurge:

  • JET, Get Born: Damn I love their version of "Are you gonna be my girl"
  • Eric Clapton, Me and Mr. Johnson: Who doesn't love Clapton doing old style blues? Noone, dat's who...
  • Prince, Musicology: The odd one returns... I couldn't resist this one. No one really plays a good hook like Prince.
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Macromedia Community Week

Macromedia is celebrating their customer community by hosting Community Week, May 17-21, an opportunity to learn, network and interact with Macromedia product managers and our customer community. Go to for more information.

All of the MacroChats are open to anyone who wants to join. There is a limit of 500 people per session but if you want to participate in any of them, please follow the link and register.

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