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That's right, Intermediate Dreamweaver MX 2004 is now available from the online training library at Sign up and view it today (cause you love me... :-).

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iPod Envy

This is exactly what I want to do to my Jeep (or whatever vehicle may soon replace it). I have the iTrip FM tuner which works alright, but there are odd interferences, and you have to ditch whatever On-the-go playlist you have going in order to switch FM channels on those long drives. Not to mention that you still have power cables somewhere as well as some type of holder taking up space. The ability to hook right into the deck via an RCA cable would give you the clearest sound you can get out of the iPod, which would be fanstastic. I've seen rumors of Alpine coming out with an iPod capable deck, but no telling how far out that is...

Now I just have to win the lottery...

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Netflix is my friend

For the longest time I kind of looked down my nose at Netflix, didn't really know why, just seemed like a goofy idea to me. Well I finally decided I'd try out their 2 week trial membership, and I must say I'm duly impressed. Here's a quick timeline for you:

  1. I signed up for my trial subscription on Saturday night.
  2. Monday morning, I received 3 movies from my queue, Underworld, The Order and Reservoir Dogs.
  3. Monday night I watched Underworld (bad story, but visually appealing).
  4. Teusday Morning I put Underworld back in it's pre-stamped ready-to-go envelope, and stuck it in the mail to Netflix.
  5. I got an email Wednesday morning that they'd recevied Underworld, and would send out a new movie to me by Friday.
  6. I got an email Wednesday afternoon that they were sending Road to Perdition.
  7. Thursday afternoon I checked my mail and there was Road to Perdition, in that little nifty red envelope.

Call me a geek, but I would love to see how they manage all of the ins and outs of delivery so many movie so quickly. If I wanted to I could watch a new movie every single day (they allow you 3 out at a time). I've got about 80 different movies in my queue at this point, and I'm sure I'll keep them well past the 2 week trial.

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