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MAX Keynote

The keynote ran a little long this morning, but it was well worth it. With speakers like Kevin Lynch and Ben Forta there was a lot of good stuff. Not only was their good information about the company itself (along with some marketing... this is their conference ;), there were also quite a few new product announcements and teases.

Ben gave us a little insight into the next version of ColdFusion under development, codenamed Blackstone. I'm hoping to see it in the Sneak Peeks session tomorrow afternoon. We also saw a demo of Flex as well as the new Flex editor based on Dreamweaver, codenamed Brady. And along with that we also got a preview of something called RoboDemo, which basically records your actions in Dreamweaver similar to Camtasia, but also annotates everything for you based on the dialog boxes. Very tasty for us trainer types :).

I did however skip out on my first session. The Keynote ran a little long, I made to my Practical CSS for Navigation and Layout session and found it standing room only and a little too basic to keep me engaged. So it looks like I just get to hang out until my next session at 11:15, Advanced Database Techniques (I hope they're really advanced :)

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Advanced Database Techniques

And then some...

Sitting in the class by Kenneth Fricklas, and learning a bunch of nifty SQL tricks (SELECT FOR UPDATE), record locking, "Dirty reads" (just fun to say) and how to better use Triggers (INSTEAD OF is hawt I tell you... hawt... [and yes, I spelled that right]). This is definitely worth the price of admission, and it looks like I'll be doing some revisions to the DWfaq database and the store to make my life a little easier :). Also learning some good stuff about how to improve performance and just generally make my apps faster and more efficient. Hopefully you're not all too jealous ;).

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I'm currently sitting in the Macromedia Community College getting a sneak peek of Macromedia Flex, a new "presentation tier solution for enterprise rich internet applications." This is a new Presentation Server on top of a J2EE server (Tomcat, JRUN, Webshphere, etc, etc). A .NET version is in the works :).

Basically flex is an XML tag based language for building a Flash based application. So <mx:Label /> will give you a text label in the flash movie. Toss in <mx:TabNavigator /> and get a tab based flash menu system (sexy I tell you...). Using MXML syntax, heck, even I could write a flash movie application...

Hold your breath... style sheets for Flash... now that's just insane... Flex allows you to style the default components by using style sheets. You can also "skin" the components with a built in skinning API. And if that's now enough, you also get Data Grids, and Data Navigators as well...

Now we just have to wait and find out what it costs ;)

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