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Keeeeler Tips

Just got my copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips, and I must say it's quite a pretty book. It's full color and chock full of useful stuff. As the intro says, when you go to the book store, you often just flip through the book reading all the nifty little tips that there never seem to be enough of. Well... this book is nothing but tips, so how can you go wrong? I'll try to post a more in depth review of it once I get a chance to read more. I hear the intro to Chapter 8 is hilarious.

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Guy night is fun

Liquor and X-Box make it that way...

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You have to look close

A small preview of the book coverIf you look really close at the book cover of Dreamweaver MX: Advanced ASP Web Development you just might see my name ;).

Now I have to wait for Amazon to update the book listing in order to get my name on there for real. Will the big bucks start rolling in then? <breath type="holding" />

This is my first cover credit on a book, so I'm pretty stoked about getting my personal copies. Do you think 8 foot is too tall for a shrine? I wonder if I'll ever get them though, since the Amazon page states that the shipping date is December 31, 1969..., ya think Michael J. Fox could help with this one?

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