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Book Progress

Got my final chapter turned in on Thursday (a day early even) and turned in my first review chapter today. Just gotta review three more (and hope they accept them) and I'm done and onto other projects.

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LOTR Extended DVD

Kris got me the extended DVD edition of Lord of the Rings, and that's some damn good stuff. They've gone back and added more than 30 minutes of new content to the movie. Now they didn't just drop the stuff in there, they actually went back and completely produced them. They rewrote the musical score for the film to tie them in, finished the visual and aural effects, the whole bit. The new scenes really add a lot of additional character development (who would have guessed Gimlee was really a softy ;).

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Good news on JK

Well JK's back home and up to his usual antics. He sounds fantastic and had me in stitches the entire time we were on the phone. He told the doctors "Ya can't kill a bad weed..." and he was apparently right.

He should be back online (getting DSL in rural Mississippi is a pain) within a week or two and I'll try and get him to post an update here.

Needless to say the doctors say he's doing fantastic and his liver will heal itself over the next year, so he's in the clear. :)

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