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MAX Is Official

That's right, I have confirmed through sources yet to be named (ACE people) that MAX will be this October 22nd to the 26th in sunny Las Vegas. They planned it on my birfday on purpose y'know...

I leave for MIX06 tomorrow in Vegas, so it looks like I'm gonna be a Vegas junky this year...

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Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development now Available

That's right folks. Dreamweaver 8 Dynamic Development is now available at This title uses ColdFusion to teach you all about handling Dynamic Development in Dreamweaver. You'll learn how to install ColdFusion (yes, on the mac too), as well as how to install MySQL and get up and running quickly.

While the title is done using ColdFusion, the concepts, steps and overall process will be the same regardless of which server language you're using inside Dreamweaver.

So watch it, have fun, and let me know what you think.

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Continuing with Virtual Directories

Continuing on from my post yesterday regarding virtual directories, another nifty tip is that when including files in ASP, you can use either a file or virtual include. Here are two examples:

<!-- #include file="mydirectory/somefile.asp" -->
<!-- #include virtual="/mydirectory/somefile.asp" -->

The first include would pull the file "somefile.asp" off of the disk in the mydirectory folder. The second include would first look for a virtual directory called mydirectory. If it finds it, it loads somefile.asp from that virtual directory. If it doesn't find it, it would then load somefile.asp from the physical mydirectory on disk, just like the first include.

That's it for virtual directory fun for now :).

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