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Copying the Wrong Thing

Nice synopsis by John Gruber regarding copying other designs/applications instead of blazing your own path.

Just underscores the fact that I need to start building things I want to use, not what I think others want to use, and let success come from there.

Daring Fireball: Copying the Wrong Thing

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divs do not a table make

People please... if you ever write this code:
Just use a table...
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Keychain Access Hangs Solved

After months of having serious issues with Keychain Access hanging my machine for 15 minutes at a time, I finally found the solution. The problem presents itself when you choose to allow a software program to access your keychain after you get the "Software on your computer has changed and wants to access your keychain" dialog. Clicking Allow results in a complete system hang that can only be remedied by a reboot.

Fortunately, someone smarter than me found the solution. I followed Solution 1 at the bottom of the article to get rid of my corrupted CodeEquivalenceDatabase and I'm back up and running. Love Tropicana: The Fix for securityd Eatings Gobs of Ram When Updating Keychain Entries.

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