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March Mingle MADNESS!!!

If you're down in the LA/San Diego area, I'm going to be infiltrating the March Mingle on Monday. If you're a Cartweaver'er (or something) just look for me in my fancy Cartweaver shirt and say hello. There are going to be some good giveaways, and there should be a lot of geek-ness going on. You can find out some more details on what's being given away at Angela's blog.

See ya there!

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Newsgroups in Outlook

I've finally found a program for reading my newsgroups in Outlook :). No more Outlook Express to deal with, and I can use all of the management features of Outlook to keep track of all of my newsgroup posts. The program is called Newshound, and it's a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which is a steal at $30. You can find screenshots and a features list on their site.

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Macromedia Announces Captivate

Macromedia has just announced Captivate, the replacement for RoboDemo, and what a replacement it is. I've been using Camtasia for some time for doing instructional movies, but will most likely be switching to Captivate once it actually goes on sale :). They've added support for simulations, in-line audio recording, live screen capture on click-and-drag actions (sorely missing in RoboDemo) as well as the ability to import all of my old Camtasia recordings and convert them to Captivate movies.

A biggie for some folks will be that Captivate now exports to Flash MX 2004 right out of the box. In RoboDemo this was an additional plugin (and additional purchase), but it's now part of the root product.

You should also check out the prouct demo from Silke Fleischer, the Captivate Product Manager, which includes a walk through of the entire product, as well as a full simulation (another new feature of Captivate). You can also see lots of TMMs being goofy, and who doesn't love that....

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